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Energy of Oblivion

Srijith Sridharan
Spirituality was not a subject of my visit. I was on an assignment to develop a piece of land into a tourist resort in Alleppey; a property which belonged to my client's cousin. Visit was totally with business in mind and I never expected that to happen; after all that is what the Nature of Miracles could be; better quoted with an observation of Ian Malcolm in Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park, “Life will find a way”.

The atmosphere as against the surprise in store was clear, the air of this serene land has a rejuvenating effect both to mind and body, containing within it the energy to provide food and drink to millions. I was traveling through those galleys that have stories of centuries to tell which is integrated into our cultures, features in our folk tales, paved foundations of our beliefs and made Gods Exist. Poets sang of it, people prayed to it, as it was Prakruthi, the Cosmis Face of subtle womanhood - quite literally.

Even if it is with a reason that one reach a particular place, destiny may hold something else and it may be for this that one is taken there. Human mind is too small to understand these cosmic complications and thanks to Mr. G. Suresh an interaction with whom that helped me to understand the otherwise unscientific Spirituality and Astrology in a better way.

G. Suresh, a native of Alleppey, is a renowned Astrological Consultant of International repute and is now based in Malaysia. It was during one of his holidays that I happened to meet him at his ancestral home in Alappuzha. Surrounded by rivulets that criss-crossed the Eastern Venice, Suresh spoke to me about the wonders of the Universe, its connections with humans - subtleness and above all the Energy of emptiness. It was with this meeting that I understood what Nikos Kazantzakis said of MAN in Zorba the Greek “I stopped, ashamed”. That is what a real man is like. A man with warm blood and solid bones, who lets real tears run down his cheeks when he is suffering; and when he is happy he does not spoil the freshness of his joy by running it through the fine sieve of metaphysics.”

Astrology or Future Predications was not your area of activity some years back. Today you are one among the highly acclaimed Spiritual Consultant across the Globe. How did you suddenly shift your focus to Vedic Astrology from Business Management?

I spent my childhood in this village of Alappuzha. My family is very religious and ritualistic and whenever I used to create mischief of trouble my grandmother used to shout “O you're naughty with Jupiter in 12th House” and whenever my brother used to excel in his studies she used to show her pride to the neighbors stating “he holds Jupiter in the 5th House”. I never understood the meaning of these statements during those days. Later in my life I had experienced through transitions; transitions that forced me to think why this is happening to me. What is the reason that I am not able to maintain a consistency in my activity even being successful in the same? I was not having any satisfaction in my work, and was forced to move from here to there. When one could not find an answer from regular and available sources, we tend to search for the answer from within. And I found that there is a realization that inspires you which in turn motivates your energy to perform better. Who is that inspires one? I started studying these complications, the 5 W 1 H process was repeated and I came up with some findings. A person takes up an activity and he will maintain the same with utmost satisfaction only if he realizes that it is destined for him. It is this realization that gives the best out of one's resources. I was engaged in various activities before taking Astrology seriously. Ranging from Management Consultation to Training my activities were vast and diverse. But I never felt the satisfaction that I get today. I feel obliged in being a medium who helps in providing advises, solutions and consolations to the needy in planning their life in a better way.

Astrology is strongly misunderstood as a science to fool people by Science and Rational Thinkers. There are consultants about whom regular complaints are raised. Even predictions of the so called high profile Astrologers sometimes fail. Here you have come out from the Management background to Astrology. Could you please validate the authenticity of astrology as a Science?
True. Astrology is one of the most misunderstood science in the world. I do agree that Science is as vast as an Ocean. Along with that I would also like to state that Astrology is a Universe or many universes. Now you can understand what the vastness of an Ocean is when compared to the Universe. How can you state that being a writer your right hand is more perfect compared to other organs in your body. Your Hand is only a part of the whole mechanism and it is the co-existence of all the organs which makes your hand work. Before analyzing the authenticity of Astrology let us find out why some people like someone and hate another. I feel and through my experiences understand that the Universe is full of energy and we carry micro forms of this energy. Just imagine you are in a closed room and are working on something that you are interested in. What would be the reaction if someone enters your room? He may either criticize the stinky smell in the room or may join with you if the activity you are involved in is of his interest. A better scientific example can be provided with magnets. Everyone understands that like poles of magnets repel and unlike poles attract. How does this phenomenon happen? Scientists may have reasons for this, they may have developed hundreds of assumptions and equations but can anyone state where this energy comes from and what drives the magnets to attract and repel. Scientists may have better explanations about the development of an egg to a child.

Is the child in the Egg or the egg in the child? No. There is only quantum of energy in various forms and the assimilation of this energy in a structured manner gives the desired output. So no one disputes the existence of energy in the Universe. We may call it Atom, Electricity, Magnetism and ancient scientists of Vedic India may have termed this phenomenon into various forms of Godliness.

As for the perfection of predictions the reasons may be many. If the input one provides to a learned scientific astrologer is correct, the output too would be correct. But the saddest part is that people who blame Astrologers never ask or analyse whether he was provided with the right information. A majority of predictions fail due to the lack of right information. No agency has initiated serious research in this regard and if done I am sure blames for failure in predictions is not to the failure of the astrologer alone but also of the person who provides negative information. Let us not expect rose on a jasmine plant.

Could you please explain the Principle of Energy of Emptiness?
We can fill a jar with water only if it is empty. Any activity can be done only if we have space to function. Only in emptiness can something new be created: the white canvas, the blank sheet of paper, the formless lump of clay. The creative energy introduces us to our essential emptiness, a prerequisite for entering the true depths of the sacred. The reverse also holds: to contact the creative energy we must empty ourselves, through an inner act of surrender. This act of emptying of oneself opens a channel to the creative realm of the spirit, opening our heart to joy, generosity, and peace. The event releases an influx of the lower energies that we experience directly and unambiguously. Vitality, for example, pours down when the creative energy touches us, completely changing the state of our body. Emptiness cannot pack itself together. Try packing some of fog into a star. Gas in outer space is millions of times more rarefied (thinner) in density than terrestrial fog. There would be no mechanism to push Emptiness to a single point, and then stop it there. There would be no match, no fire to explode Emptiness. There would be no way to push (explode) Emptiness outward. A total vacuum can neither contract nor expand. According to the laws of physics, it takes energy to do work, and there is no energy in emptiness. If it would explode outward, there would be no way to later slow outward, exploding gas in frictionless space, It is impossible for gas to clump together on earth, much less in outer space without gravity. Gas moves from high density to low density, not the other way around. There is no way by which gas could clump itself into stars, planets, and galaxies. In Indian Vedic Science there is a reference to PURNA MANTRA. Real, Consciousness, Infinite ( Satyam, JNANAM, ANANTAM, BRAHMA) is the Upanishadic definition of the Emptiness. This definition is applicable irrespective o the religion or science on which we want to base the discussion. The Emptiness is indivisible (Akhanda), non-dual (Advitha), endless (Anantha). In the Vedas, this Emptiness which is not manifested or disturbed is termed as Purna. Any alterations in this Purna (unmanifested emptiness) will deliver Puma itself and any additions will generate Puma. So it can never be made to cease and increase by any forms of Energy and it is the Highest Energy. Another interesting factor is that the softest form of Energy i.e. Sound, performs best in this Emptiness. Scientists never dispute that Supersonic Jets that travel at great speeds deliver the best when at high altitude. The more it is away from gravity, its movements gets faster,

What are the activities of Abahayam.com?
Abahayam is the Sanskrit name for shelter. We are here in the shelter of this Purna, or the unmanifested Emptiness and it is this Purna that drives the Universe. Terming this Emptiness in any name doesn't change the character of the subject.

Abahayam is initiated with an idea to develop systems to popularize Scientific astrology. and ASTROLOGY IS NOT MAGIC. It is a science developed by Ancient Indian Scientists whom we term Sanyasins from their observations and experiences. Abahayam plans to provide accurate Prediction Services, Scientific Awareness and Technology adoption programs of this ancient science.

What are your future plans?
I am no one to plan anything? I thank the Divine what Science calls the Energy and the Saints term God and Brahma, for providing me strength to be a medium to help in providing solutions to the needy. “If science, the vast Ocean could be assimilated into a cup of water before the mighty Universe of Astrology, I should say I am afraid whether I exist before this Science”.

Abahayam plans to establish a Scientific Research Center to help in documenting the Science of Technology. As the saints of Ancient India have done, I am planning to document observations and experiences so that it could be of use for the next generation.

A Center for Research in Indigenous Technology is planned at Allappuzha, for which an agency has been established under the banner of Abahayamandiram Charitable Trust. All could happen if the Cosmic Energy wants.

Mesmerized, I listened as Mr. Suresh, who is also a man of extra-ordinary intelligence, erudition, charisma, and powers of communication.said “When your mind connects with the supreme force, you will realize who you are, why you have come here, what will happen to you in the future. You are not your body, or your mind, you are Energy yourself. Aham Brahma”

I wanted to touch his feet, but he touched my mind - my Inner Self.
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