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Global Warming : View from astrology

A cursory overview of the debate on global warming, and one would think that the solutions were simple. President Bush should ratify the Kyoto Protocol, pull out from Iraq and developing nations such as India and China should cut their carbon emissions.

However, few are aware that the complexities of why our globe is warming remain unanswered. Human activity is only a minute reason for this environmental phenomenon. To see the bigger picture and cultivate a Universal understanding of why this is occurring, we must address the larger issue of how Earth is interacting with other planets and galaxies – the effect of gravitational pull, the heating and cooling effects of the Sun and Moon – all of which is explained through knowledge of ancient Astrology.

I recently had the opportunity to meet up with G. Suresh, a reputed astrologer from Kerala, India, now based in Malaysia, who shared his knowledge on why global warming is occurring and how it can be better understood by returning to the tenets of astrology.

Astrology is a science based on ancient knowledge and though many people refute it, its outlook is consistent with current scientific knowledge gained by its sister-science, astronomy. Amongst others:

  • Both astrology and astronomy believe in the gravitational effects of planets and its interaction bringing consequent effects evident in our world.

  • Both have proven that all galaxies, planets and stars emit energy from various sources. However, astronomy is concerned about the effects of these energies on the physical plane, whereas astrology asserts that these planetary energies affect the conditions of Life Forms, including human beings.


If we could picture the entire universe as an aquarium, with each planet suspended in water and rotating on its own axis, we would then easily see how the waves generated by the movement of one planet affects the remaining system. These waves are likened to the invisible energy emitted by planets and galaxies. Though invisible, these energy emissions from one planet do substantially affect the force, field and environment of every other planet.

In our understanding of Astrology, it is these planetary forces that are primarily responsible for the rapid weather changes we are undergoing today. Natural causes such as increase in Solar activity, the alignment of planets and collision of galaxies – phenomenon affirmed by scientists and astrologers alike – are constantly happening each second in our ever-changing universe. Earth’s interaction with these Universal events are manifested in the form of increased temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns, such as hurricanes and melting ice caps in the North Pole.

Scientists who try to paint global warming as a result of rising carbon emission levels are like those who see only the trunk and branch but think it is the whole tree. The root, our interaction with the greater Universe, is disregarded because we have not changed our mindset to see the invisible. However, technology is now able to assist scientists in their quest for certainty of our universe and other possible Multiverse. As we progress, we will see the convergence of Science and Astrology into a unified understanding of our environment.

Only when we dig deep into the root cause, can we embark on solving the greater issue of global warming with clarity, rationality and true inquiry. There are a minority of noted scientists who seek to understand global warming through its interaction with other more powerful forces of nature originating from outside our hemisphere. These visionaries realize that greenhouse gases itself cannot be the primary cause for climate change of this major scale and are using their knowledge of science to disprove mainstream belief. One day, ancient astrology and astronomy through the use of modern science and technology will converge in its core belief of why global warming occurs.

Angela Yap,
Petaling Jaya

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